Crofting picnic; c.1945; 2011.239


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Crofting picnic

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A black-and-white photograph of three women having a picnic during a break from making hay.

The photograph has been taken at Ceann a' Chladaich, Lower Toscaig, Applecross around 1950. The women sit on a piece of ground on which the hay has been cut; uncut hay can be seen in the background.

Left to right: Unknown woman; Martha MacLean (later Mrs Kenny MacDonald); her sister Janet MacLean (later Mrs William Cameron-MacKintosh).

They are working on their father's croft, or at least the family croft. Their father was John MacLean of Toscaig, who was known as Seonaidh Fhearchair. The croft in the photograph is Seonaidh Fhearchair's hay field. It lies not too far above the high tide line in Toscaig, and immediately west of the River Toscaig.

The women have china tea cups and a metal teapot with them. Hay-cutting suggests that the photograph was taken in late summer or early autumn.

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Lower Toscaig, Applecross



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Janet Elizabeth MacDonald Collection

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Applecross Photographs


Janet Elizabeth MacDonald Collection

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