A leather powder flask, hunting scene impressed as decoration. ; T.1.34


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A leather powder flask, hunting scene impressed as decoration.

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Peter. 01 Dec 2011 18:48 PM,UTC

This hunter`s powder flask was used to store and transport `black powder`-(before `Nobel`s nitro`powder`was introduced in 1896)- in, and before Victorian times.
The shooter stuck the nozzle, (shown) into the end of the gun
barrel and poured a measured amount of powder down,-say 3 drachms,or 33 grains, - by pulling a bung at the base of the flask nozzle, and then drove some wadding down the barrel to pack the powder tight, followed by the charge,- either a single bullet,
or a few ounces of lead shot.
The above flask might have held enough powder for about 15 shots.
(Scale or dimensions not shown..)

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