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Bronze deity found in Epping Forest

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Peter R 26 Apr 2012 16:50 PM,UTC

One of the questions`The friends of Epping Forest` asked in a recent visitor survey of Epping forest was, `What special personal attraction did it hold for them?`
And beside the strenuous activities like haring around with dogs, Nikes, horses, and bikes, a great many people quoted the solitude, remoteness,sense of exploration,and spiritual uplift they experienced in this quiet centuries-old nature sanctuary where they could simply think, ponder, reflect, and perhaps pray.

`Deism` is the belief that the truth of the existance of God can be discovered only by the individual through the evidence of Reason and Nature, - without resort to any particular church.

The above `find` merely illustrates one of the many religeous denominations which find an empathy in Epping forest and in comparison can be dwarfed, shaded, and lost, among the spent leaves of an Oak`s spire.

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