Artwork, framed [Ships: the Philip Laing and the John Wickliffe, 1848]; McIntyre...


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Artwork, framed [Ships: the Philip Laing and the John Wickliffe, 1848]

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A print from a black and white watercolour painting depicting the immigrant ships 'Philip Laing' and 'John Wickliffe' in Port Chalmers, Dunedin, in 1848.

Some of Mataura's pioneering people arrived on these ships. Passenger lists can be browsed through, in these links:
Philip Laing
John Wickliffe


McIntyre, Peter

Maker Role


Date Made


Medium and Materials

processed material, paper
organic, vegetal, wood

Place Made

New Zealand, South Island, Otago, Dunedin

Inscription and Marks

Printed on mounting underneath painting: 'The "PHILIP LAING" AND "JOHN WICKLIFFE" at Port Chalmers, 1848'


h 215mm x w 270mm x d 15mm

Subject and Association Keywords

genealogy/personal and family names

Subject and Association Keywords


Credit Line

From the collection of the Mataura and Districts Historical Society Incorporated.

Object Type

art work

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All rights reserved

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