Photograph [Mataura Freezing Workers, 1933]; unknown photographer; 1933; MT2011....


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Photograph [Mataura Freezing Workers, 1933]

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Black and white panoramic photograph of Mataura Freezing Workers in 1933.
This photograph is cellotaped onto a sheet of cardboard. An accompanying sheet identifies a number of the men by reference to their position in the photograph. The names we have are (alphabetically):
Adam, Jack (?)
Amos, Peter
Amos, Reko (George)
Ashby, Snowy (?)
Baker, Dan
Bonney, Charlie (?)
Bowers, Bert (?)
Butler, Tom
Calder, Jimmy
Calder, Ronnie
Chatfield, Alf
Clearwater, Dave
Clearwater, Gordon
Cruickshanks, Alf
Cruickshanks, Gordon
Duncan, Lewis
English, John (?)
English, Ron
Folster, George
Geddes, Guy (?)
Gilder, Ted
Giles, Alec
Greer, Bob
Hamilton, Bill
Hannah, Jimmy
Haugh, Jim
Heaps, Bert
Henry, Vince
Herron, Gordon
Hewlett, Jack
Hutton, Bob
Jenkins, Mack
Keen, Harry
Leitch, Bill
Lennon, Jack
Mansfield, George
McAllister, Jim
McKinnel, Jack
McLeod, Andy
McPhee, Seth
Monaghan, Martin
Osbourne, Alf
Richmond, Charlie (?)
Ross, Jack
Ross, Jimmy
Russell, Alec
Sayers, Jack
Scott, Laurie
Shiefflebein, Len (?)
Stewart, Bill (jr.)
Stewart, Bill (sr.)
Stewart, Bob
Walker, Alec
Walker, Jack
White, Jack (?)
Wylie, Bill

Please contact us if you want further identification or if you can add to the list of names.

Place Made

New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Mataura

Place Notes

Taken at the Mataura Freezing Works.


unknown photographer

Maker Role



photograph, black and white

Date Made


Medium and Materials

processed material, paper




h 130mm x w 375mm

Subject and Association Keywords

industry/mataura freezing works

Subject and Association Keywords

industry/mataura freezing works/employees

Credit Line

From the collection of the Mataura and Districts Historical Society Incorporated.

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All rights reserved

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