Flagon case; unknown maker; 1955-1965; MT2017.12


Mataura Museum


Flagon case

About this object

Flagon case containing 2 half gallon beer flagons. This case belonged to Jim Bradley who with his wife Maude owned a taxi business in Mataura from c.1948 to 1964. Flagon cases were used as a handy way to take beer home or to events in the 1950s and 1960s.


unknown maker

Maker Role


Date Made


Place Made

New Zealand

Medium and Materials

case. processed material, paper, cardboard
processed material, synthetic, plastic
processed material, metal, alloy ,tin
bottles, processed materials, glass
inserts, processed materials, plastic
lids, processed material, metal alloy, tin

Inscription and Marks

Jars. MT2017.12.a '17 P 52'
MT2017.12.b 'ISH 52'

Metal lids, All 4 have in green around the edge 'MATAURA LIC. TRUST', in centre ' DRAUGHT/ALE/BOTTLED 'BY:'


case, h 320mm x w 270mm x d 170mm
jars. h 285mm x di 110mm
inserts, h 11mm x di 27mm
tops, h5mm x di 30mm


Subject and Association Keywords

home economics/cooking/food/housekeeping

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All rights reserved

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