Addiator, Calculating Machine ; Addiator Gesellschaft; 1920-1930; MT2012.141


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Addiator, Calculating Machine

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Addiator, Calculating Machine in a leather walllet. The Addiator is a mechanical add/subtract calculator. This one was used by Tom Weatherburn in the office of the Mataura A Grade Motor Garage from the 1920s. You can find more information about this Garage on page 120 of our book 'Mataura City of the Falls'.

Variants of the Addiator were manufactured from 1920 until 1982. It is composed of sheet-metal sliders inside a metal envelope. Addiators were rendered obsolete by electronic calculators.


Addiator Gesellschaft

Maker Role


Date Made


Place Made

Europe, Germany

Medium and Materials

processed material organic leather
processed material metal tin
processed material metal alloy brass
processed material organic fibre paper

Inscription and Marks

Stamped on machine base 'M074154'
on front 'Logo / ADDITION / LSD / ADDIATOR / Patent'
on reverse 'SUBTRACTION /LSD / ADDIATOR / Patent'
Inside wallet, one side ' ADDIATOR / +'
Other side ' - / Addiator '
Stylus has etched 'ADDIATOR'
On Instruction sheet 'CALCULATING MACHINE /Directions for use'


Addiator: h 180mm x w 125mm x d 15mm
Instruction Sheet: h 290mm x w 210mm
Stylus l160mm x d 30mm

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From the collection of the Mataura and Districts Historical Society Incorporated.

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All rights reserved

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