Book, Girl Guide songs (2 of 2); Woodhouse, Irene (Doctor); 1931; MT2012.102.3


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Book, Girl Guide songs (2 of 2)


Woodhouse, Irene (Doctor)

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Book; (2 of 2). Doctor Irene Woodhouse hand wrote this song booklet in 1931 for her Mataura Girl Guide troop to use on their camps. Doctor Irene Woodhouse was a G.P. in Mataura from 1919 to 1967. Over these 48 years, Dr Woodhouse was heavily involved both professionally and personally in Mataura's community life. She founded the town's Girl Guide troop and was a foundation member of the Mataura branches of the Red Cross, the St John Ambulance Brigade and the Barnando's Helpers League.

The songs are:
* The Little People, * Camp Fire Ceremony, * Rounds, * When All is Bright and Fair, * Row, row your Boat, * God Save the King (in Maori), * Camp Fire Songs,
* Sir Eglamore, * My Land of the Long White Cloud, * A Marching Song,
* Blow ye Winds of Morning, * Ould John Braddleum, * Londonderry Air.
* Homeland, * Keep in de Middle of the Road, * Four & Twenty Black Birds, * Heal'n, *Song for Dunedin Rally, Michael Finnagen, * The Tree Song,
* Morning Prayer in Camp, * Evening Prayer in Camp, * Guide Hymns, * Be Prepared, * Morning Hymns, * Evening Hymns, * Vesper Hymn, * Guide Law Chant, * Vesper, * A Foxlease Vesper, * God be in my Head, * Ranger Hymn

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processed material, paper


h 175mm x w 115mm x d 10mm

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New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Mataura

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mataura organisations

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From the collection of the Mataura and Districts Historical Society Incorporated.

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