Photograph [Mataura Freezing Workers, 1937 1938 Work's Season]; unknown photogra...


Mataura Museum


Photograph [Mataura Freezing Workers, 1937 1938 Work's Season]

About this object

An enhanced reproduction of a black and white panoramic photograph of Mataura Freezing Works employees in the 1937-1938 Work's Season.

Identified (matching order unknown, contact us for further information):
Haywood, Ray
Bolger, Len (?)
English, Bob
Murdock, Bill
Clarke, Ru
Mansfield, George
Bradley, Jim
McVicar, Tom
Calder, Jack
Baker, Dan
Shieffelbien, Harry
Joy, Alf
Redman, Jim
Shieffelbien, Len
Proctor, Bill
Kelly, Joe
Curry, B.
English, John
Reid, Alex
Patterson, Bob
Renshaw, Bert
Lloyd, Bert
McGregor, Sandy
Murray, Pat
Bowers, Fred
Redman, Arthur
Brown, Bill
Wylie, Bill
Walker, Jack
Cruikshanks, Alf
Knight, Eric
Phillips, Andy
McGrouther, Percy
Redman, Sid
English, Stan
Monaghan, Tom
Brown, Sam
Duncan, George
Ramage, Jack
McPhee, Cecil
Patterson, Ray
Stewart, Bill
Dore, Dick
Reynolds, Bud
Ballock, Norrie
Graham, John
Blackie, Wattie
McKinnell, Andy
Heywood, Bruce
Bogue, Kevin
Folster, George
Prendergast, Frank
Milne, Mavis
Murphy, George
Hannah, George
Thomson, Magnus

Place Made

New Zealand, South Island, Southland, Mataura

Place Notes

Taken at the Mataura Freezing Works.


unknown photographer

Maker Role



photograph, black and white

Date Made


Medium and Materials

processed material, paper




h 135mm x w 568mm

Subject and Association Keywords

industry/mataura freezing works

Subject and Association Keywords

industry/mataura freezing works/employees

Subject and Association Keywords


Credit Line

From the collection of the Mataura and Districts Historical Society Incorporated.

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All rights reserved

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