Wedding portrait of John T McLaren and Mary McDougall McLean, 1887; 1887; 2011-3...


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Wedding portrait of John T McLaren and Mary McDougall McLean, 1887

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A wedding portrait of John Turnbull McLaren and Mary McDougall McLean, taken on the occasion of their wedding on 9 March 1887.

Mr McLaren was born 20 July 1854 and died 12 May 1935. He was Mayor of Hughenden, Queensland in 1891 and 1892. John and Mary had eight children:
Twins, Annie Sutherland and James Harvey born in 1888. James died at just 5 months of age. Annie died in 1942, aged 52 years.

Thomas McLean, born in 1890 (d.1915).
William Turnbull, born in 1891 (d.1917).
Duncan Haggart, born in 1894.
George Hall, born in 1896 (d.1951).
John Turnbull Jr., born in 1898.
Charles Alexander, born in 1901.

Additional information from Mrs Anne Alloway:
". . . two [of their boys] were killed in WW1. He [John T McLaren Sr] took up Sylvania, but due to the bad seasons had to relinquish it. Apparently he bought all the land south of the old hospital, and down to McLaren Street, and built the Australian Hotel. T Cox was the first licencee. He moved to Toowoomba but ended up coming back to Ayr and died there."

Further research has revealed that Thomas McLean McLaren and William Turnbull McLaren did indded enlist as soldiers in World War 1. Thomas was killed in action while serving in the 5th Light Horse Regiment on 8 September 1915 at Gallipoli, Turkey.

William was also killed in action (4 October 1917) in Belgium while serving with the 42nd Infantry Battalion.



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Handwritten on reverse side: "Mr & Mrs John Thomas / McLaren - the / parents of the late / Duncan McLaren. / (bride Mary MacDougal) / (1 copy done) / No ^P 35" Stamped on reverse side: "HUGHENDEN DISTRICT / HISTORICAL SOCIETY" Printed on reverse side: "ILFORD"


129 x 90mm

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Hughenden (Queensland)

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Flinders Shire Historical Photograph Project

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Gift of Hughenden & District Historical Society, care of Mrs Colleen Murdoch.

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