Shops on Brodie Street, Hughenden, 2001; Unidentified; 2001; 2011-188


Flinders Shire Historical Photographic Project


Shops on Brodie Street, Hughenden, 2001

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This is a photograph of several shops on Brodie Street, Hughenden in 2001. From left to right: Cheng's Chinese Restaurant, TCM Partners Chartered Accountants (previously Bill Dean Solicitor), Coffee Lounge (run by Judy & Warren Wall and previously an accountants office); and Ergon Energy.



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colour print

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Handwritten on reverse side: "TCM / Accountants & Coffee / Lounge / (Rhonda Seymour / in charge / (Judy & Warren / Wall) / (Previously Bill Dean / Solicitor) / (Previously / Alan Anning then / Bert Field) / accountants / Hughenden Historical Society / B [128][97] B91 / this photo 2001" (text in square brackets crossed out) Printed on reverse side: "Kodak / Royal / PAPER / Kodak / PAPER / PhotoFab <no. 15A> 003 / 744 01 ** N N N N2(027)"


151 x 101mm

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Hughenden (Queensland)

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Subject and Association Keywords

commercial industry


Flinders Shire Historical Photograph Project

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Gift of Hughenden District Historical Society, care of Mrs Colleen Murdoch.

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