Dry Cleaner's shop in Brodie Street, Hughenden after 1949 tornado; Unidentified;...


Flinders Shire Historical Collection


Dry Cleaner's shop in Brodie Street, Hughenden after 1949 tornado

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Front view of the Dry Cleaner's shop in Brodie Street Hughenden after the 1949 tornado. This image shows the damage to the shop (especially the corrugated iron roof) and nearby buildings caused by the tornado, with vehicles parked out the front and people starting the clean-up.



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Image appears to be a laminated photocopy.

Inscription and Marks

Handwritten on reverse side: "[B125 NO.] B3A / Dry Cleaners Hden / after 1949 Tornado / F. Hanran / [B125]"

Text in brackets crossed out.


Image only, not laminate.

280 x 120mm

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dry-cleaning shops

Subject and Association Keywords

storm damaged buildings

Subject and Association Keywords

Hughenden (Queensland)

Subject and Association Keywords

corrugated iron roofs


Flinders Shire Historical Photograph Project

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Gift of Hughenden and District Historical Society, care of Mrs Colleen Murdoch

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Still Image

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Public Domain - No rights reserved - no known copyright restrictions No rights reserved - no known copyright restrictions

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