Group of men standing in front of loaded truck, Tiverton Station, Queensland, 19...


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Group of men standing in front of loaded truck, Tiverton Station, Queensland, 1940s

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A black and white image of four men standing in front of a fully loaded truck. The original photograph was taken at Tiverton Station (near Corfield, Queensland) in the 1940s. Corfield is located approximately 130km south-west of the town of Hughenden.

Written on the back of the original photograph is: "Self, Cook & shed hands just ready to leave after finishing sheds."

Two of the men have been identified. Standing in front is William James "Darkey" Paine, who was a shearing contractor from Hughenden (Queensland). To the right of the image (holding hat in hand) is Norman Holcombe.



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Hughenden (Queensland)

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Flinders Shire Historical Photograph Project

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Gifted to the Flinders Shire Council Historical Photograph Project by Dot McMillan.

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Carl Nelson 31 Jan 2019 04:56 AM,UTC

From a Lack biography:

The rest of the children, all sons, (Frederick William Lack, Robert Alfred Lack and Charles Arthur Lack), had stayed with the parents in Goulburn and later travelled with them in the early 1860s to settle secondly a long way north on a property called ‘Blenheim’ (later ‘Tiverton’) which was south west of Bowen in outback Queensland. This property was operated by two other sons Edward Nelson Lack and Francis John Lack who had emigrated about 1849 when they were very very young – only 16 and 14 years old respectively. How they managed to learn to operate, and then for Edward Nelson to purchase, a property on the wild Australian frontier in those days is anyone’s guess. They ran sheep for a while but this was not successful – it is cattle country to this day. The parents and the five brothers lived and worked on this property for some years but eventually left when things got too hard.

Edward John Lack - Biography

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