Paine's Cafe, Brodie Street, Hughenden 1950-1951; Unidentified; 1950-1951; 2013-...


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Paine's Cafe, Brodie Street, Hughenden 1950-1951

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A black and white photograph of the front of Paine's Cafe, located on Brodie Street, Hughenden. The photograph was taken in 1950 - 1951.

Paine's Cafe, owned and run by Bert and Amy Paine was formerly Male's Cafe, which was opened in 1925 by Mr Frank Male. After running the cafe from 1950 - 1951, Amy Paine started a dress shop on Gray Street, Hughenden where she worked from 1952 - 1953.

The site would later become the location of the Lion's Club & Rotary playground, and then the Brodie Street Playground in 2011.



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Hughenden (Queensland)

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restaurants, cafes etc.


Flinders Shire Historical Photograph Project

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Image donated to the Flinders Shire Council Historical Photograph Project by Mr Allan Paine.

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