Portrait of Isabel (Bella) Hansen, ca.1999; Narelle Renn; ca.1999; 2013-30


Flinders Shire Historical Collection


Portrait of Isabel (Bella) Hansen, ca.1999

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This image is a portrait of Isabel (Bella) Hansen, taken in ca.1999.

Information provided with the photograph and written around the time it was taken reads:
"Born eighty-seven years ago, Bella has enjoyed every day of her life in Hughenden. At sixteen Bella worked for Martin Flynn in the Soft Drink Factory, on the banks of the Flinders River, in the area of the present Butcher Shop. A secretarial position followed later, with the Shire Council, in what today is the Town Library."


Narelle Renn

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Hughenden (Queensland)

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aged people


Flinders Shire Historical Photograph Project

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Contributed by Flinders Shire Council.

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Still Image

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