Group photo of Hughenden Bulls rugby team, 2008; Flinders Shire Council; 2008; 2...


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Group photo of Hughenden Bulls rugby team, 2008

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This image is a group photograph of the Hughenden Bulls Rugby League team, taken in 2008.

Identified in this photograph, from left to right are:
Standing: Scott Watermann, -- , Ashley Murphy, Wesley Schultz, Joe Webb, Ryan ?, Aaron Mathers, Ben McLoughlin, Trevor (TJ) Major, Ricky Sumner, Ian Oui, Jason Kapernick.

Kneeling/Seated: Luke Hubbard, Jamie Creagh, Greg Townley, Dale Smith, Shaun Bounghi, Daniel Smith, Rodrique Gela, Joshua Hengst.



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Flinders Shire Council

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Local Government


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Hughenden (Queensland)

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football coaches

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football teams


Flinders Shire Historical Photograph Project

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Contributed by Flinders Shire Council.

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Still Image

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