Hughenden Bulls football team during a game, 2012; Melissa Driscoll; 31 March 20...


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Hughenden Bulls football team during a game, 2012

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This image is of four Hughenden Bulls football team members during a game against the Cloncurry Eagels in March 2012.

Holding the football is Jackson Brown, son of Sam and Annie Brown of Lammermoor Station, near Prairie.

The other players in the photograph have not been identified.


Melissa Driscoll

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digital media

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31 March 2012

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Hughenden (Queensland)

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Prairie (Queensland)

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Cloncurry (Queensland)

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football teams


Flinders Shire Historical Photograph Project

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Gifted to the Flinders Shire Council Historical Photograph Project by Melissa Driscoll.

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Still Image

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