Radio Set AN-PRC-90 NSN 5820-00-782-5308LS; Oklahoma Aerotronics Inc.; TAM2013.1...


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Radio Set AN-PRC-90
NSN 5820-00-782-5308LS

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Radio Set AN-PRC-90
NSN 5820-00-782-5308LS
Serial #390
MFR #22887
Removed from a MaeWest


Oklahoma Aerotronics Inc.

Maker Role


Place Made

Oklahoma, USA

Medium and Materials

Metal and Rubber


440mm x 80mm x 30mm

Subject and Association Keywords

Radio Set

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Object number


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All rights reserved

Edward shores jr 23 Feb 2016 20:23 PM,UTC

HI my name is eddie n I have one of these radios that I believe my grandfather used when he was at war n I was wounder what it's value is please contact me at your earliest convenience thank you again my email is

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