Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer Model G Serial # X.Y.14903; Stanley Manufacturin...


Temora Aviation Museum


Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer Model G
Serial # X.Y.14903

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Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer Model G
Serial # X.Y.14903
AM sec. Ref. No. 106B/51 Dem No. "Air 1124"


Stanley Manufacturing Co Limited

Maker Role


Place Made

Toronto Canada

Medium and Materials

Metal, glass paper and cotton


145mm x 155mm x 50mm

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Dalton Dead Reckoning Computer

Subject and Association Keywords


Credit Line

Gifted to the Temora Aviation Museum by Mr Arthur Copeland of Toowoomba (Queensland) who, as a student pilot in Charleville (Queensland) in 1958, undertook flying training in the Darling Downs Aero Club DH-82, VH-DDU.

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eric simoneau 09 Sep 2018 19:54 PM,UTC

how much the value i have one mint

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