Port Macquarie Waterfront; John Parkinson; 2012.83


Port Macquarie Museum


Port Macquarie Waterfront

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An historic view of the Port Macquarie waterfront painted in grey and blue tone watercolours on paper by John Percival Parkinson [1921-2003]. The watercolour appears to be painted from a photograph taken by Herbert George Rickerby [1880-1915] between 1912 - 1914 titled 'Ship-yards' Port Macquarie. The painting features a wharf and jetty, boat sheds and buildings, and numerous boats and ships including the SS Macquarie.

John Parkinson worked as a commercial artist, freelance illustrator and designer before taking up full time painting in 1970. His work is represented in public and private collections across Australia. John Parkinson won over 90 documented art awards and prizes including the Port Macquarie 1000 Art Award (5 times) and the Port Macquarie Heritage Art Award.


John Parkinson

Maker Role


Medium and Materials

Paper, paint

Place Made


Inscription and Marks

Signed in bottom right hand corner 'John Parkinson'


Painting 490mm L, 300mm W
Frame 685mm L, 550mm W

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Credit Line

Donor: Prime Television Port Macquarie

Object Type

Watercolour paintings

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All rights reserved

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