NSW Doctors Car Badge; Amor Ltd.; c1928; 2017.44


Port Macquarie Museum


NSW Doctors Car Badge

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Flat enamelled metal disc with a square piece at lower edge with two holes. The disc has a large red Maltese cross with the Rod of Asclepius (Greek mythology) also known as the Staff of Asclepius in the centre. The rod or staff is white and the serpent is green. The edges of the cross overlap a blue border with red lettering 'NSW' at the top. Four numbers '1478' are stamped at the bottom of the disc.

Issued as a doctor's car badge in NSW from January 1928. The badges were issued by the NSW Traffic Branch after a two year campaign by doctors for vehicle identification to give them swift and uninterrupted passage particularly when travelling on punts and attending urgent cases. They were intended to eliminate the necessity to produce credentials when seeking preference in punt and traffic queues. Badges were attached to cars adjacent to the front and back number plates.

To prevent fraud, badges were only obtainable on the production of an order endorsed by the British Medical Association in Sydney. Unfortunately the records relating to the issue of the car badges were misplaced when the records were transferred to the Australian Medical Association in the 1980s.


Amor Ltd.

Maker Role

Badge maker

Date Made


Place Made


Medium and Materials

Metal, enamel

Inscription and Marks

At top of obverse 'NSW'
Impressed at base of obverse '1478'
Imprinted on reverse 'AMOR/SYDNEY'


110mm H, 88mm W

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All rights reserved

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