Archives, Annabella Boswell, nee Innes; 1836-1913; BOS

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Archives, Annabella Boswell, nee Innes

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Annabella Alexandrina Campbell Boswell (nee Innes) [1826-1914] was born at Yarrows, Bathurst Plains, News South Wales. The niece of of Major Archibald Clunes Innes, Annabella lived at Lake Innes House near Port Macquarie from 1843 to 1848.

Annabella Boswell Papers, 1836-1913. The papers comprise Annabella's journals and correspondence, her transcriptions of other family correspondence, her sketches and drawings, some photographs, some papers relating to her mother, and some correspondence between Patrick Boswell and his family.

BOS/1 Journals and Recollections, 1848-1898
This series comprises original journals (a couple written in 1848-49, others written in the 1880s and 1890s), recollections compiled (or transcribed) from original journals that no longer exist, printed editions of some recollections, and some other notes presumably made to refresh her memory. The last item in the series appears to have been written by her husband Patrick Boswell.

BOS/2 Letters, 1826-1857
This series comprises original letters written by various members of the family and collected or retained by Annabella. Also included are numerous transcriptions of letters, presumably lent to Annabella and copied by her. Even though many of the transcriptions were made by Annabella in her later years in Scotland, the letters all relate to the period of her life in Australia.

BOS/3 Transcriptions of letters written by John Douglas Boswell to his mother and family, 1900-1901.
Annabella's second son, John Douglas Boswell, served in the 17th (Ayrshire) Regiment during the Boer War. He wrote regularly to his mother and family. Annabella transcribed the letters into exercise books. Unfortunately the book containing the letters numbered 55 to 70 (dated between April and August 1901) has not survived.

BOS/4 Paintings and drawings, 1836-1861
The series consists of two sketchbooks and a number of loose sketches and paintings. Some of the sketches and paintings are incomplete, and many are not dated. In the case of the yellow sketch book, it appears that Annabella completed and signed a number of the paintings after they had originally been done, so that she could give the book as a gift to her mother.

BOS/5 Photographs, n.d.
Most of these photographs are undated, but most of them appear to have been taken in Australia before Annabella and her family moved to Scotland in 1865.

BOS/6 Papers relating to Mrs G.L.M. Innes, 1842-1864
These papers were probably acquired by Annabella after her mother's death. They relate to her property interests in Australia, and give some indication of her financial situation.

BOS/7 Letters written between Patrick Boswell and his family, 1839-1848

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