Soda Siphon, W H Marshall & Sons; c1975; 2015.06


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Soda Siphon, W H Marshall & Sons

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This heavy fluted glass soda siphon bottle with acid etched label belonged to W. H. Marshall & Sons. The cordial and soft drink manufacturer was located at Port Macquarie and Wauchope and supplied products to many other communities on the Mid North Coast under licence, including Fanta and Coca-Cola. This bottle appears to date to the 1970s when Marshall’s moved their factory from Wauchope back to Port Macquarie.

William Henry Marshall [1888-1954], known as Bill, started his cordial manufacturing business in 1920 when he purchased the long established Port Macquarie cordial business of W J Ross. Marshall relocated the business to Wauchope in 1929 and then in 1970 operating as W. H. Marshall & Sons the company moved back to Port Macquarie in new purpose built premises.

It is not known when Marshall’s sons joined the business however Bill Marshall passed away in 1954 and it is likely that some or all of his six sons became involved in the ownership of the business at that time. By 1970 the company employed 17 permanent staff, three of them being Bill Marshall’s sons and two of them his grandchildren.

The practice of acid etching product labels on cordial and soft drink bottles was common, particularly on the thick glass used for soda siphons like this. The label also served as a reminder that purchasing the product did not mean purchasing the bottle and that the cordial manufacturer retained ownership of the bottle.

This bottle dates to a time when recycling of cordial bottles was expected and the cost of producing glass containers expensive. Bottles like this one have been replaced in more modern times by plastic versions, cheaply manufactured and whilst recyclable often thrown into land fill or simply dumped as litter in public places. Likewise the local cordial manufacturer, W H Marshall & Sons, no longer exists. Rising production and salary costs causing its demise, replaced by large multi-national companies, some of whom they once produced products for.

Debbie Sommers
27 February 2015

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Medium and Materials

Glass, plastic, metal

Inscription and Marks

Acid etched to front: 'W. H. Marshall & Sons Port & Wauchope'
and 'This siphon always remains the property of W. H. Marshall & Sons Port Macquarie. Its use by others is illegal'


310mm H, 85mm diameter at base

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Donor: C Radley

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Roy Galloway. 03 Sep 2017 03:17 AM,UTC

Loved marshall's cordialls.....especially creaming soda. The old factory used to be opposite primary school Wauchope. When it closed they moved to new coca cola signed brick factory near coles new store....but opposite side of road. One of old Bills grandsons Ian used to work with company. He was serving in citizens military forces cmf with me in mid 60s.

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