Postcards, Comboyne Waterfalls; c1910; 2014.12


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Postcards, Comboyne Waterfalls

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This collection of seventeen photographic postcards features images of waterfalls and cascades of the Comboyne area taken during the 1910s. Settled in the late 1890s, the remote Comboyne Plateau was a thriving rural community with dairying and timber industries by the 1920s.

The Comboyne area was once covered in dense virgin rain forest and remnants remain today in the Boorganna Nature Reserve, the second oldest nature reserve in New South Wales, declared in 1904, and home to the Rawson Falls, featured in one of these postcards.

Whilst not a well-established tourist destination, it is highly likely that many visitors to Kendall, Port Macquarie, Wauchope and the Manning took day trips to the hinterland to take in the splendour of the many waterfalls, unique flora and abundant fauna. It is possible that these postcards were purchased as souvenirs either from one of the many Comboyne stores operating at the time or from a gift store in one of the main towns.

Collecting postcards was a popular hobby and remains so today. Landscapes including scenes like these continue to be sought after. The postcards reflect a time before common camera ownership and were a means to capture the view to take home as a keepsake or to show family and friends. Many people kept albums of their holiday postcards.

The postcard images are simple illustrating the quality of photographic images of the era, yet give a clear impression of the magnitude and expanse of the Comboyne plateau, its dense bushland and splendid waterfalls. Many of which are still viewed today.

Debbie Sommers
26 July 2014

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Donor: Mona Hardcastle

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