Sea Scout Uniform; Barden; c1992; 2013.31-33


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Sea Scout Uniform

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This maroon neck scarf with its yellow stripes has been part of the uniform worn by members of the 1st Port Macquarie Sea Scouts since the formation of the group in 1933. The deep red colour was chosen to represent the Port Macquarie earth and the golden stripes represent the sand on the beaches. The colour arrangement is unique to the 1st Port Macquarie Sea Scouts and cannot be used elsewhere in NSW.

However the green khaki shirt was only worn by the Hastings Sea Scouts up until 1992 when the colour was changed to navy blue. The type and placement of the badges attached to the shirt indicate that it belonged to a member of the Cubs whose ages range from 8 years to 11 years. The shirt carries a distinctive black badge on the right pocket of a swordfish with the word ‘Hastings’ underneath. This badge was used by all Mid North Coast Scouts from 1933 till it was phased out in 1994.

The Scout uniform is a widely recognised feature of Scouting and the same uniforms have been worn worldwide since the Scouting Movement began in the early 1900s. In the words of the English army General Sir Robert Baden-Powell who is regarded as the founder of the Scouting Movement, the uniform “hides all differences of social standing in a country and makes for equality, but more important still, it covers differences of country and race and creed, and makes all feel that they are members with one another of the one great brotherhood.”

Although designed for smartness and equality, the Scout uniform was also practical. The shirts were traditionally made from strong cotton and had thick seams making them ideal for use as makeshift stretchers, while the triangular scarves were added so they could be easily used as a sling or bandage for a Scout in need.

All scout uniforms worldwide carry the instinctive insignia of a ‘fleur-de-lis’. The three tips of the emblem represent the three main themes contained within the Scout Promise: ‘duty to God, duty to others, and duty to self’.

Each shirt is unique to its owner and is distinguishable by the number and types of badges attached to it. The badges on this shirt indicate that the owner had received Achievement awards in swimming, acting, fishing, cooking, craft work and beach activities and had achieved the required level of understanding of the scouting code and law by being awarded the Bronze and Silver Boomerang awards. The owner had also made a substantial contribution to raising funds for the group through involvement in the Scouts Jobs Weeks over a four year period and was also a member of a group of six scouts distinguishable by the round blue badge.

The shirt and the scarf together represent the long association of the 1st Port Macquarie Sea Scouts with the Port Macquarie community and with the river and sea that surrounds it. Many young people from the Hastings have been members of the Sea Scouts over the past 81 years and the qualities of responsibility, initiative, self-confidence respect and leadership learned through their involvement with the group have no doubt played an important part in enriching their lives.

Margaret Blight
8 September 2014



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Shirt - 920mm chest, 630mmL
Scarf - 1030mmL, 660mmW
Woggle - 110mmL, 40mmW

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Donor: Tracy Walsh

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