You Can Do It With a Lewyt (Industrial and Residential Models); Krims, Les; 1971...


Nathan Lyons Research Center, Visual Studies Workshop


You Can Do It With a Lewyt (Industrial and Residential Models)

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Two naked men sitting in chairs with vacuums hoses on their penises. Black bars have been collaged over their eyes in imitation of means used to protect a subject's identity. One man is Paul Diamond, a frequent model in Krims' staged photographs.


Krims, Les

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Medium and Materials

Chlorobromide silver print.

Inscription and Marks

recto of mat: [pencil] Krimsverso of mat: [pencil] K92 LK 72:152


12.3 cm x 18.2 cm (image)

15.9 cm x 21.8 cm (sheet)

Subject and Association Description

Les Krims is a Buffalo-based photographer best-known for elaborately staged, often satirical, photographs. He has taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology and Buffalo State College. Visual Studies Workshop has exhibited as well as organized traveling exhibitions of his work.

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Les Krims

Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords

Male Nude

Subject and Association Keywords

Staged Photography

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Gift of the artist, 1981

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All rights reserved

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