Wire; Friedlaender, Bilgé; 1977; 1980:0013:0002


Nathan Lyons Research Center, Visual Studies Workshop



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Bilgé Friedlaender (1934-2000) was a unique artist who combined the linear with the whimsical. Artist Friedlaender was fascinated with geometry— using it as the hinge pin of her work. Friedlaender’s work not only held linear angles but soft and natural materials (string, beeswax, etc.) that created a synchronicity in difference. The work of Friedlaender was both solid in an analytical representation and ephemeral in her play with organic materials. In 1934, Bilgé Friedlaender was born in Istanbul, and in 1958 she graduated from the Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts. In the following year she earned her MFA from New York University, and attended the Provincetown Summer Workshop 1959-60. Bilgé Friedlaender’s work began successfully with a solo exhibition at Betty Parsons Gallery and Kornblee Gallery in N.Y., and continued successfully into the 1990s—with exhibitions at venues such as, the Jessica Berwind Gallery, the University of Massachusetts Museum at Amherst, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and the Ercument Kalmik Museum. Friedlaender, participate1d in many venues around the world including Istanbul, Germany, and Japan. A few examples of Friedlaender’s show venues include the Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto, Japan, the American Craft Museum, N.Y., and the Borusan Art and Culture Center, Istanbul. A few of Friedlaender’s shows are as listed, “Paper as Medium,” 1978, “New American Paperworks” (1981-86) “Crossing Over/Changing Places” (1992- 1997). Her work was included posthumously in the Istanbul Modern’s exhibition “Dream and Reality” (2011). In 2016, some of Friedlaender’s art appeared in a final major solo exhibit that debuted at Arter, "Words Numbers Lines." Bilgé Fiedlaender was an innovative abstract artist, as well as a professor at the Tyler School of Art, and at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia. Friedlaender worked and lived in the U.S. for 38 years—returning to her home country of Istanbul in 1996, where she passed away. Depicted in the piece is a wire attached to paper, with the title beneath.


Friedlaender, Bilgé

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Photo-Silk Screen

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Medium and Materials

Photo-Silk Screen

Inscription and Marks

recto: [ink] WIRErecto: [pencil] © Bilge '1977verso: [pencil] 80:013:2


overall: 28 cm x 21.8 cm

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20th Century Art

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Subject and Association Keywords

Bilgé Friedlaender

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Istanbul Academy of Fine Arts

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New York University

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photo-silk screen

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