Withdraw Projections # 1; Foster, Steve; 1971; 1982:0095:0003


Nathan Lyons Research Center, Visual Studies Workshop


Withdraw Projections # 1

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Photographer Steven Foster was born in Piqua, Ohio in 1945. The photographer is known for evoking emotions in his viewers. The work is meant to illuminate the spiritual and emotional. Foster has been influenced by literary author’s such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, many New England Transcendentalists, and abstract-expressionist Barnett Newman. Foster’s work ultimately encourages and revels in the imagination—bringing his viewers along for an emotional ride. In 1968, Steven Foster received his B.S. in photography from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and in 1972 he received his M.F.A. from the University of New Mexico. The photographer has taught as a professor since the 1970s, and his work has been shown in Chicago at the Young Hoffman Gallery, the Frumkin Gallery, the Renaissance Society of the University of Chicago, and Columbia College, to name a few. Depicted in the image is a view of a man looking through a tree, towards a car.


Foster, Steve

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Mounted photograph

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Medium and Materials

gelatin-silver print

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verso: [ink stamp] PRINT SALE STEVE FOSTER PRICE 30 VISUAL STUDIES WORKSHOP 4 ELTON ST. ROCHESTER, N.Y. 14607 (716) 442-8676verso: [ink] Steve Fosterverso: [ink] Abby N.M. April 1971- November 1971verso: [ink] "Withdraw Projections # 1" verso: [pencil] 82:095:3


image: 18 cm x 12 cm

overall: 27.8 cm x 25.2 cm

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20th Century Photography

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Subject and Association Keywords

Steve Foster

Subject and Association Keywords

gelatin silver

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