1779 Chicago (Then Called Eschikago); Zanzi, James; 1970; 1972:0096:0053


Nathan Lyons Research Center, Visual Studies Workshop


1779 Chicago (Then Called Eschikago)

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View of the house of Chicago's first permanent settler with explanatory text. The drawing is based on an aquatint engraving by Raoul Varin in 1930. Zanzi's image has a different perspective than Varin's and is much less detailed, but contains elements--such as a boy waving--present in Varin's engraving.

Place Made

Chicago, IL

Place Notes

Made as part of a collaboration between the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Advance Screen Company.


Zanzi, James

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Date Made


Medium and Materials

Screen print.

Inscription and Marks

verso: [pencil] .A784 me.1verso: [pencil] 72:096:53


38.1 cm x 37.9 cm

Subject and Association Description

Part of a portfolio of screen prints organized by Sonia Sheridan in 1970. The portfolio is a collaboration between the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Advance Screen Company. Print uses as it's motif the house of Jean Baptiste DuSable, Chicago's first permanent settler.

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Subject and Association Keywords

Sonia Sheridan

Subject and Association Keywords

Screen Prints

Subject and Association Keywords

Art Institute of Chicago

Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords

James Zanzi

Subject and Association Keywords

Jean Baptiste DuSable

Object Type

Screen Print

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All rights reserved

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