[Calendar]; Cordier, Pierre; ca. 1972; 1972:0149:0001


Nathan Lyons Research Center, Visual Studies Workshop



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Pierre Cordier is a Belgian artist, and is best-known for his development of the chemigram process. The chemigram utilizes the physics of painting in materials such as varnish, oil, and wax, and combines them with photographic chemistry in the use of a photosensitive emulsion, developer and fixer. These images are created without the use of an enlarger or camera, and are done in ambient light rather than under safelight. In 1968, Cordier along with Gottfried Jäger, formed the Generative Fotografie movement in Germany. After meeting Aaron Siskind in 1977, Cordier was introduced to other artists in the New Bauhaus movement in Chicago. His work has been shown and collected by a number of institutions including MoMA, the Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

This object is a calendar with six chemigrams by Cordier. The text is in French. The bottom portion of the calendar displays the days for each month, with two months per page.


Cordier, Pierre

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Date Made

ca. 1972

Inscription and Marks

recto: [pencil] C795 NL: 72:149 1g.1


image: 38.9 cm x 28.4 cm
overall: 47.9 cm x 34.5 cm

Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords

cameraless photograph

Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords

Color Photography

Subject and Association Keywords

photographic chemistry

Subject and Association Keywords


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All rights reserved

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