Untitled (Nathan Lyons and Barb Barrow); Barrow, Thomas F.; 1967; 1971:0171:0001


Nathan Lyons Research Center, Visual Studies Workshop


Untitled (Nathan Lyons and Barb Barrow)

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The picture is Silver Chlorobromide and depicts Nathan Lyons spraying a water hose and Barb Barrow holding a baby outside in 1967.


Barrow, Thomas F.

Maker Role



Mounted photograph

Date Made


Medium and Materials

Gelatin Silver (Chlorobromide)

Inscription and Marks

verso: [pencil] Thomas Barrow

verso: [pencil] B278 sm.1

verso: [pencil] AW 71: 171


image: 16.9cm x 11.5cm

overall: 37cm x 27.8 cm

Subject and Association Description

The picture is Silver Chlorobromide. The image shows the founder of the Visual Studies Workshop Nathan Lyons spraying a water hose and Barb Barrow holding baby outside. The photo was taken by photographer Thomas F. Barrow whose work has been innovative since its inception. Barrow joined the George Eastman House staff in 1965, working in curatorial, administrative, and editorial positions. Later Barrow joined the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque as a Professor of Art in 1976.

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Subject and Association Keywords

20th Century

Subject and Association Keywords

Rochester, NY

Subject and Association Keywords

Nathan Lyons

Subject and Association Keywords

Visual Studies Workshop

Subject and Association Keywords

George Eastman House

Subject and Association Keywords

Silver Chlorobromide

Credit Line

Gift of Alice Wells

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All rights reserved

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