United States Pension Office, general view. ; Bell, C.M.; ca. 1900; 1976:0003:00...


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United States Pension Office, general view.

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C.M. Bell Studios operated in Washington throughout the 1860s-1910s. Photographer C.M. Bell ran the studio until his death in 1893. Depicted is the 19th century United States Pension Office, an impressive fire-proof brick building. The edifice was constructed with 15 million bricks. The structure was 400 x 200 feet, boasting 3 stories and a central dome. The structure represented the Italian Renaissance chic. The office stood on the north part of the Judiciary Square, on G street, and was nestled between Fourth and Fifth streets. Quartermaster-General Meigs was the architect of the stately building 1882-1887. From a group of thirty-four views of buildings in Washington D.C.

Place Made

Washington, D.C.


Bell, C.M.

Maker Role



Mounted photograph

Date Made

ca. 1900

Medium and Materials

gelatin silver print, mounted on board

Inscription and Marks

verso: [ink] United States Pension Office. General view.verso: [printed label] U. S. Pension Office, verso: [printed label] Cor. Penna. Avenue and 12th street (with lines drawn through). verso: [printed label] Photographed by C. M. Bell, 459, 461,463, And 465 Penna. Ave. verso: [pencil] 12, 76:003:21 verso: [printed labels] These labels indicate the history of the Pension Office Building and an anecdote about the building inspection.


image: 16.2 cm x 22.5 cm

overall: 16.6 cm x 24.6

Subject and Association Keywords

19th Century Photography

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Subject and Association Keywords

United States Pension Office

Subject and Association Keywords

Bell, C.M.

Subject and Association Keywords

gelatin silver

Credit Line

purchase from Charles Wood

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All rights reserved

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