City of Belmont Museum help

The Museum has a fascinating collection of items relating to the history of the City of Belmont.

The collections cover household items and early industries, with a special interest in horse racing.

Hands-on activities are provided for school groups, which involves the use of early days equipment.

Contact Details

Locked Bag 379 Cloverdale WA 6985

08 92777387

One professional Curator and Clerical Assisstant (part time) supported by volunteers.

Visitor Information

61 Elizabeth Street, Cloverdale WA 6104

Monday and Thursday 2pm - 5pm Closed Public Holidays Groups by appointment



 Wheelchair access


 Guided tour


Other Facilities

Wheelchair access to building and toilets, education programme, tours by request, archival material on request.
-31.962715 115.9317 16 City of Belmont Museum
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