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Rugby Revelation. Who was the little Springbok girl in this extraordinary oil painting, which cost twice as much to restore as it did to buy at auction in 1998?
In 1907 when the artist created the likeness there was certainly no rugby played by girls and she was unlikely to have been an official mascot.

With a by now indecipherable signature, this crumpled work had its flaking paint restored by a leading expert and was stretched and reframed for display in the Museum in 1999.

It came to light in a house clearance in Wales and research proved that our little Springbok was, in fact, a Welsh girl named Kathleen Trick. Her father, a member of the London Welsh RFC, had been invited to a costume ball in 1907 given by the Lord Mayor of London in honour of the first touring South-African side. Six-year-old Kathleen skipped off to the party dressed in full Springbok regalia - donated by the team themselves.



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South Africa


1200 x 750mm

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Bisteccu 27 Jul 2013 17:37 PM,UTC

It's a very nice painting, thank you to publish it
Is the date of creation 1906 or 1907 ?
And why you write that the place made is South Africa if the girl and the house that hosted the painting are britain?

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