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Box, wood, made by Kraft Walker Cheese Company Pty. Ltd.

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The company was established by Fred Walker, a former president of the Melbourne Rotary Club and noted philanthropist. Born in Melbourne and educated at the Caulfield Grammer School, Mr. Walker had longstanding connections to the dairying industry and the manufacturing, exporting and importing trades. He worked as a clerk for J. Bartram & Sons, Melbourne for three years before travelling to Hong Kong where he established the company Fred Walker and Co. Returning in 1908 he quickly expanded the business in Melbourne before establishing new branches in Sydney (1918), and later in Adelaide and New Zealand (1919).

The name Fred Walker is more famously remembered for its association with the iconic Australian spread, Vegemite. The product was created in 1922 by a young chemist named Dr. Cyril P. Callister who worked for the company.

During a trip to the United States in 1926, Walker established ties to the Kraft Company, makers of cheese products. It was from this connection that he established in Melbourne the Kraft-Walker Cheese Company Pty. Ltd., making himself managing director. He remained in this capacity until 22 July 1935 when he passed away at his house in Harcourt Street, Auburn, aged 49 years. A year earlier the company confirmed that it was leasing the cheese plant of the Warrnambool Cheese Factory at Allansford.



Kraft Walker Cheese Company Pty. Ltd.

Place Made

Melbourne, Victoria

Medium and Materials

Wooden box with no lid. The corners are held together by iron nails. The side surfaces have been painted with details of the product and company in red and black.

Inscription and Marks



JULY 26 1916"

AUSTRALIA" [front and back sides]

CARTON" [two sides]

"Drills" [drawn by later user in blue]

Object Type


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Sandi Gepner 08 Jun 2018 14:39 PM,UTC

Would like to find out what 1 of these wooden draws are worth thankyou

Renee Sporne 14 Jan 2018 03:18 AM,UTC

Hi, I have two boxes in good condition (better than pictures on this site). What are they worth? I don’t want to throw them away but I don’t want to keep them.

shane delacour 06 Dec 2015 00:47 AM,UTC

I have one box in pretty good condition and would like to know what it may be worth. Has all sides intact.

Charlotte DeCarlo 14 Jun 2015 16:32 PM,UTC

I have 2 of these boxes. They are in very good condition. I would like to sell them. Are you interested or do you know of an antique dealer that is? Please email me back asap. Thank you.

ian watson 27 Dec 2014 03:39 AM,UTC

I also have the exactly the same box, but one of the long sides is missing. Where yours has "drills (drawn by later user in blue), the actual wording is "1 DOZEN 8oz"

Just thought you should know


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