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The Bega Pioneers Museum is situated in an old hotel, built in 1858-9, with many rooms and outside exhibition areas containing every aspect of early Bega - industries, clothing, military, machinery, transport, household effect, as well as family histories. Our collection of over 200 framed photographs of pioneers is the largest in the NSW.

The building itself is classified and worth looking at. A horse-drawn ambulance in the backyard, built in Bega, was converted into a Hawkers van and supplied goods to out-lying families. A large collection of local militaria from the Boer War, WW1 & WW2. A very enthusiastic family history collection on local connections.

Contact Details

P O Box 1052, Bega. NSW 2550

6492 1453

The Bega Valley Historical Society Incorporated. The Bega Valley Historical Society is committed to ongoing historic research and the dissemination of information. Operation of the Bega Pioneers' Museum which currently occupies the Family Hotel circa 1858, forms part of our work. Phone: 02 6492 1453 PO Box 1052 NSW, 2550

Visitor Information

87 Bega Street, Bega NSW 2550

Monday-Wednesday-Friday 10.00am - 4.00 pm Saturday 10.00am - 2.00 pm Closed on local public holidays

Museum Entrance Fees: Adults $ 5.00 Seniors & Pensioners $ 3.00 Children $ 2.00 Annual membership fee: $10.00 per annum


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Our principal activities include:
Archival Management
Local History Research
Family History Research
Temporary Exhibitions
Visits to Historic Sites
Society Meetings
School Visits
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