Head of a Baby; 1954 - 1955; 21


Molly Macalister, sculptor


Head of a Baby

About this object

Michael Nicholson, 'Sculpture in Auckland', "Landfall", vol.9, 1955, pp 245-247
1955 "Auckland Starr" 1 July, p 9 illus.
Peter Tomory 'New Zealand Sculpture', "Art and Australia" 1965, pp 108-113
'Molly Macalister: a memorial exhibition.' Alexa Johnston. Auckland Art Gallery, 1982

'This work and the bronze head of a child (cat. No. A9) show Molly Macalister's ability to reduce details to a minimum, conveying the essence of her subject. She skilfully evokes the smooth, touchable quality of a baby's head in the swelling brow and tiny nose.
In his article Tomory wrote:
"For all her works have 'presence'; they exist as things in their own right rather than representations of something else. This is, of course, a quality which belongs to any good work of art, but she contrives this without any great arbitrariness in the forms. One can see this in the jarrah-wood 'Head' already mentioned (cat. no. 27), in the 'Birdwatcher' (cat. no. 30) and in the maquettes for an Auckland City Council Commission (cat. no. A13)."' (Johnston, 1982, p18)

Date Made

1954 - 1955

Medium and Materials

Wood, New Zealand Kauri




130 mm


Private Collection

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