Maori Youth with Child; Molly Macalister; 1959; 27


Molly Macalister, sculptor


Maori Youth with Child

About this object

1960 Auckland ACAG "Recent work by Auckland Sculptors"
1982 Auckland ACAG 'Molly Macalister: a memorial exhibition.' Curator Alexa Johnston. cat. no. 27.

Peter Tomory, 'Art', "The Pattern of New Zealand Sculpture", A.C. McLeod (ed.), Oxford, 1968.
'Molly Macalister: a memorial exhibition.' Alexa Johnston. Auckland Art Gallery, 1982

'This work was based on studies of a Maori youth whom Macalister and her family knew from their holidays (at Whanganui Bay Lake Taupo).
Tomory wrote of this work:
"'Her Seated Maori Youth'" (Victoria University of Wellington) might well illustrate Gauguin's dictum "Let everything about you breathe the calm and peace of the soul. Also avoid motion in a pose. Each of your figures ought to be in a static position ...".
This figure was not a commission. It was selected by Professor Frederick Page from works in Macalister's studio.' (Johnston, 1982, p20)

The sculpture is damaged. There are cracks in the cement (water damage?) which are severe around the neck and head. Remedial work is needed to preserve the integrity of the work.


Molly Macalister

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Medium and Materials

Cement on steel armature




1700 mm high

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New Zealand public art


Victoria University Student's Association Collection

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