Robert CRAWFORD, b. April 1859, Auchtermurty SCOTLAND, d. 16th December 1931, Ad...


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Robert CRAWFORD, b. April 1859, Auchtermurty SCOTLAND, d. 16th December 1931, Adelaide SA

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Robert Crawford was born in the Scottish town of Auchtermuchty in April 1859. As a young man of 13 years of age he served his apprenticeship as a baker. He moved to London some time during his teens, and moved out to Australia when he was 21. He worked in Menz's biscuit factory for a short period. It was not long before he realised the opportunity of owning his own business, opening up a butcher's shop in Orroroo with a partner. After a number of years the partnership dissolved and he transferred his activities to Broken Hill, establishing a butcher's shop in Oxide Street.
He was a man of keen business foresight and ability, which greatly assisted him in his speculations in Broken Hill mining shares during the big strike. From the butchering business he gradually extended his operations into the pastoral industry. After several minor purchases he bought Outalpa and Oulnina Stations from the late R.J.M. McBride. These stations were later subdivided and sold, Robert Crawford retaining that portion of Outalpa on the north side of the railway line from Mannahill.
Bimbowrie Station was next acquired from the estate of the late E.A. Crozier. Still extending his operations, he acquired an interest in Old Boolcoomatta and Topar Station, N.S.W., from R. Dawes, which later he sold to Messrs. Scarfe and McFarlane. Other properties in which he has been interested include Yalkowinna Station, Erudina Station, Tempe Downs and Billeroo West. The acquisition of Bimbowrie placed him in the position having upwards of 2,000 square miles of country in one run under his personal control, this figure being probably a record for a one-man pastoral business in South Australia.
He resided in later years at "Holmwood", North Walkerville, and retained an active interest in pastoral matter until his death in 1931. He was survived by his wife, four sons and two daughters.

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Parents: William Crawford married Catherine Hood
Siblings: John, James, Mary and William
Married: 9th March 1898, Broken Hill NSW
Spouse: Ellen Margaret Macdonald
Children: William Malcolm, Queenie Florence, Robert Valentine, Muriel Jean, Bruce Macdonald and Jack Colin
Resided: Mooiwingie NSW
Outalpa SA
"Holmwood", North Walkerville SA

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