Charlie MCADAM, b. 1936, Springvale Station, The Kimberley, Western Australia; U...


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Charlie MCADAM, b. 1936, Springvale Station, The Kimberley, Western Australia

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Charlie McAdam played an important part in the day to day running of the big cattle stations he worked on during his life, as did many Aborigines. Charlie was the son of a Scot, Jimmy McAdam, an early pioneer.
Jimmy did the mail run from Burdon to Tennant Creek and drove a bullock team selling goods as a hawker. After that he bought the Commercial Hotel in Katherine and, later, the Six Mile Hotel near Wyndham. Jimmy McAdam then bought Springvale Station in the Kimberley region of Western Australia in November 1931, where Charlie was born in 1936.
His mother, Burrell, was a young Aboriginal woman who did housework and other chores. Other unpaid Aborigines undertook cattle work and built yards and fences in return for flour, tea and sugar. They showed the white man how to find water.
Charlie could ride before he could walk and as he became older, he went out mustering for fifteen to eighteen hours a day. There was always work to be done, branding, tailing, horse breaking and droving over the Barkly stock route.
Charlie and his brother, Gilbo, worked for Tom Quilty, another pioneer who later owned Springvale Station.
Before retiring, Charlie was the head stockman at Tanami Station.

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Parents: Jimmy McAdam and (Aboriginal mother) Burrell
Siblings: Elsie, Gilbert Snr, (stepbrother) Elliott, (stepsister) Faye, and other stepbrothers and stepsisters
Spouse: Val McAdam|MARRIED Alice Springs, Northern Territory
Children: Greg, Gilbert, Adrian, Margaret, Graham (deceased), Elliott (deceased), Pamela, Elizabeth, Michelle, Ian
Resided: 1930 1940s Springvale Station, Western Australia|1940s 1947 Beagle Bay Mission|1947 1950s Halls Creek, Western Australia|1950s 1961 Lake Nash|1961 1970s Halls Creek, Western Australia|1970s 1980s Alice Springs, Northern Territory|1980s 1990s Tanami St

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