Arthur Charles WALLIS, b. 8th October 1899, East Fremantle WA, d. 25th November ...


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Arthur Charles WALLIS, b. 8th October 1899, East Fremantle WA, d. 25th November 1984, Como WA

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Arthur was the 6th of 7 children born to Bill and Alice Wallis of Victoria, who moved to WA after they married. Being successful produce merchants, William and his brother Richard decided to go farming in 1909. They followed the sandlewood tracks 70 kms north of Goomalling, to Ballidu.
10 year old Arthur and his family lived in tents until a ti-tree home was built by son Jim. Cooking and washing was done outside to avoid the risk of fire in the bush home. There were no other women north of Goomalling, where stores and water were carted from. On one occasion, the water was accidently spilt by Arthur and a return trip had to be made. Our hero was very much out of favour at this time.
The three younger children were taken back to school but they didn't settle, as they were behind their peers. All made sucessful lives for themselves and four sons served overseas, with two brothers killed in action in the 1st World War. Arthur contracted malaria in Egypt, which troubled him for many years. On repatriation he was granted a farming block in Ballidu which he called "Plympton", after his East Fremantle days.
Arthur cleared, fenced and built dams on his virgin 1 300 acreage block. The Agricultural Bank paid the ex-servicemen 1 pound per acre to clear timber land and 6/- for scrub; this was assessed by an inspector and this was their income.
Arthur also shore sheep with his 1 man lister plant for 25/- per 100 sheep. He helped his father sowing before putting in his own crop of the same plant. Arthur farmed the land with a horse team then progressed to a tractor. In the off season he worked in Perth at Wunderlich's Roofing, cutting metal sheets with a guillotine. In 1925, Arthur lost 3 fingers from his left hand and his main regret was that he could no longer play his violin.
In 1927 he married Ethel Turner and their home was a two bedroom, cement brick house with a fibro kitchen and an open wash house. An extra bedroom of ti-tree, lined with hessian and no floor was built for the children.
After the death of Arthur's father in 1934, the family of six moved to "Miladu", a larger home and 4 miles from Ballidu and the school. Both farms were worked as one.
The Wallis family moved to Como, Perth in 1949 when Wendy was 2 years old. The farm was leased for a few years before being sold.

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Ancestors: Grandparents - George Chessell married Sarah Evans
Grandparents - James Wallis (Berkshire, England) married Fanny Collins
Parents: William Wallis married Alice Clovenia Chessell
Siblings: James, Albert (killed in WW1), Leslie (killed in WW1), Frank, Helena, Arthur and Alexander
Married: 18th June 1927, Methodist Church, Maylands WA
Spouse: Ethel Otterley May Turner
Children: Lorna June (1928), Roma Dawn (1930), Robert Arthur (1932), Joan Maxine (1934) and Wendy May (1947)
Resided: 1899: Fremantle WA
1910: Ballidu WA
1917-1918: World War 1, Egypt
1919: Ballidu WA
1949: Como WA

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