Amy Ena CROCKER (nee Baesjou), b. 18th November 1902, Albany WA, d. 14th Novembe...


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Amy Ena CROCKER (nee Baesjou), b. 18th November 1902, Albany WA, d. 14th November 1989, Norseman WA

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Amy Crocker, a pastoralist all her life ran `Balladonia Station' and was a renowned artist until her death in 1989.
Amy moved from property to property with her parents. The family moved so often because they were always fighting droughts and were forced to move to find pasture and water for their livestock. Amy owned her own head of milking friesans which she shepherded and cared for over a period of about 67 years. She knew every cow by name and had a passionate love for her friesans.
In 1935, Amy married Balladonia's English manager, Walter Charles Crocker. She then inherited the Station farm from her uncle William Ponton.
On 3rd August 1941 after failing many attempts she finally gave birth to a son, William John. In 1952 she voyaged to England with her family and then again in 1962.
In 1936 Amy exhibited some of her art at the Centennial Exhibition in Adelaide where she received two medals for her efforts, a silver and bronze plus three certificates of merit. Amy began painting due to the assistance she gave the Museum of Melbourne. She sent them many scale paintings of insects which helped in research of insects in the region of Balladonia. She discovered a very rare ant species which has now been recorded at the Museum. Her help in insect research in Australia gives her the well earned title of Entomologist as she gave so much within that field.
In 1988 Amy was awarded the Citizen of the Year Award by the Dundas Shire Council for her contributions to the Pastoral Industry and Art. She was commissioned by the Dundas Shire to paint `Norseman' the Horse founder of the town. The painting hangs in Parliament House, Perth, Western Australia.

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Ancestors: Grandparents - Johannes Antonius Baesjou married Constance Elvia Knight
- Stephen Ponton married Ann Ryan
Parents: John Anthony Knight Baesjou married Ellen Ponton
Siblings: Dorothy
Married: 9th October 1935, Kalgoorlie WA
Spouse: Walter Charles Crocker
Children: William John Crocker (1941)
Resided: 1902 - 03: `Balladonia Station' WA|1903 - 10: Cape Arid `Hill Springs'|1910 - 12: Point Malcolm Station|1912 - 13: `Enadale' Great Australian Bight|1913 - 21: Deralinya|1921 - 33: Booanya|1933 - 35: `Balladonia Station' WA|1935 - 89: `Balladonia Homes

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