Charles Edward WHITE, b. 11th September 1855, Stroud, N.S.W., d. 6th September 1...


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Charles Edward WHITE, b. 11th September 1855, Stroud, N.S.W., d. 6th September 1948, Southport, Qld.

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Charles spent his early childhood at `Jondaryan Station' where his father was manager for owner, Robert Tooth. While there the Jondaryan Woolshed (now a museum) was built in 1861-62. In this era sheep were shepherded and there was no iron for roofs or wire for fences.
In 1872 Charles became a clerk in the office of the Land Commissioner F.T. Gregory and later worked for W.C. Hume. Both F.T. Gregory and W.C. Hume worked for surveyors and explorers.
In 1877, aged twenty-two, Charles joined his brother William working with surveyor J.D. Steele, marking out boundaries for stations in the St George district. In 1879 Charles surveyed Jimbour Plateau with J.D. Steele. He later joined W.C. Hagger as a survey assistant and in January 1880 passed his surveyor's exams in Brisbane.
Together with brother William, he surveyed around Ingham 1880, Herberton 1881, Ingham and Tully River, Innisfail, Bowen and Ayr 1882-1885, when Charles caught malaria. After a spell in Ingham Hospital he returned to Toowoomba to recuperate. In 1886 Charles worked on `Northampton Downs', Blackall and at `Tambo Station' and `Victoria Downs' Morven. He surveyed farms round Cunnamulla in 1887.
The following year in 1888 he did resumption work on `Bulloman', `Dariel', `Currawillingi' and `Goondoola Station' in drought conditions where horses had to be hand fed.
In 1895 he married Christina Tebb and settled at `Outlands' a small property on the Balonne River at St George where he had an irrigated orchard and also continued survey work in the district.
After leaving St George in 1910 he surveyed many areas on the East Coast south of Gladstone, including Widgee, Fraser Island, Lamington National Park and Moreton District and even Brisbane.
In 1923 his wife, Christina, died after a long illness.
In 1925, accompanied by his son, St George, he went to Bourketown in a Chevrolet Truck, 1924 model, the first Chev to travel the route through Charleville, Longreach, Winton etc. At Bourketown they surveyed four grazing blocks, each of which had a boundary of the Albert River, as a resumption of land from `Armranald Station'. These four blocks were to be used as a trial, for sheep properties.
They did small survey jobs on the Northern Territory-Queensland border and then moved to Mt Cuthbert, Kajabbi, Cloncurry and Richmond before returning to Brisbane. Charles also surveyed Mt Abundance, Roma in 1927. He made closer settlement blocks for wheat and fat lamb raising. After this he did resumption work on `Mona' and `Woollerina' stations near Bollon. This was 1928-29 when he was seventy-four years old.
In 1932, Charles moved to Mt Scoria, near Thangool, where he lived on a dairy farm with his son St George. He continued to do small survey jobs including allotments for the town of Bileola.
In 1939, aged eighty-four years he did his last survey job, a road survey for Banana Shire Council. It was during World War II when most surveyors were unavailable.
He was made a Life Member of the Queensland Institute of Surveyors when he was eighty, and he remarked at the time "They're not giving much away".
In 1941 he went to live in Brisbane and later Southport with his youngest son John. He died of old age in Southport Hospital on 6th September 1948 a few days before his 93rd birthday.

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Ancestors: Abraham White married Theodora Van Drieberg
Parents: James Charles White married Ann Macansh
Siblings: William Thomas, Ann Charlotte
Married: 1985, Moree, N.S.W.
Spouse: Christina Tebb
Children: Charles Edward, William James, St George, John Wilton
Resided: 1855-58 : Stroud, N.S.W.|1858-62 : `Jondaryan Station' via Toowoomba, Qld.|1862-88 : Toowoomba, Warwick, Stanthorpe, St George districts, Qld.|1888-1910 : St George, Qld.|1910-25 : Brisbane, Qld.|1932-41 : Mt Scoria via Thangool, Qld.|1941-48

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