Abraham WALLACE, b. 1828, Offaly, Ireland, d. 27th September 1884, Reynella, S.A...


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Abraham WALLACE, b. 1828, Offaly, Ireland, d. 27th September 1884, Reynella, S.A.

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Born in Ireland in 1828, Abraham Wallace came to Australia at the age of 20 where he settled in the Mt Gambier district in 1850. After a short time on the Victorian goldfields, he returned to Mt Gambier where he married Matilda Hill.
In 1863 Abraham and Matilda made the trek to Queensland. They travelled via Swan Hill, Talbot's Pont, Balranald and Scott's Back Country. On reaching Mount Murchison, Abraham built a two roomed house, half of which was opened as a store.
After spending some time in this area as a hawker, Abraham continued his journey to Queensland, only to find that the Government would not allow stock to enter from other colonies. The Wallaces returned to Mount Murchison then Abraham moved on to Adelaide over the Barrier Ranges. He returned to Mount Murchison within ten weeks with 25 horses, 1,400 sheep and 18 month's supplies, in order to settle on some country "on the other side of the ranges."
After a number of years in this area Abraham Wallace established "Sturt's Meadows", north east of Poolamacca. In 1882 some 32,000 sheep were shorn on this property.
In 1881 Abraham had ventured to the Northern Territory where he established "Elsey Station". He had travelled from "Sturt's Meadows" with several waggons and about 100 horses. The route was via Blackall and Aramac, where 2,700 head of cattle were purchased, then by way of the Flinders, Leichardt and Albert Rivers to Bourke and on to the Nicholson River.
In 1884 Abraham Wallace retired from the active direction of his pastoral interests and appointed managers for both runs. He then proceeded to build a beautiful home at Reynella, south of Adelaide. On April 27, 1884 he was found with his throat cut, apparently by his own hand.

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Parents: Jeremiah Wallace married Jane Ann ?
Siblings: Peter, Isaac, 3 other siblings
Married: 9th December 1861, Mt Gambier, S.A.
Spouse: Matilda Elliot Hill
Children: Mary Ann S. (four children died in infancy)
Resided: 1850 : Mt Gambier, S.A.|1862 : "Sturt's Meadows Station", N.S.W.|1878 : "Elsey Station", N.T.|1884 : "The Braes", Reynella, S.A.

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