H&R Arms: "The American" Double Action Revolver ; H & R Firearms; 1905-1942; 130...


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H&R Arms: "The American" Double Action Revolver


H & R Firearms

Maker Role


Date Made


Place Made

Worcester, United States

Medium and Materials

Plastics, indeterminate ferrous metal

Inscription and Marks

”.32 S & W.CTCF” stamped on the flute/
"H.&R. ARMS COMPANY WORCESTER, MASS, U.S.A." stamped on the flute /
"209034" stamped on the bottom of the handle


112mm x (height) x 160mm (width) x 35mm (depth)

Object number


Copyright Licence  

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Jennifer Niemeyer 13 Apr 2018 01:00 AM,UTC

I have a H&R Double Action, Model # 190438CAL, It has 38 S&W CTGE on the flute and 34473 on the butt. Can not remove the hand grip. I would like to have it repaired.

GB 29 Dec 2017 22:35 PM,UTC

Serial number can be found under the left hand grip at the bottom of the handle for guns made 1890-1906. You have to remove the grip to access. I also have one in like new condition and am looking for a value also.
Hope this helps.

Elizabeth 08 Aug 2015 03:18 AM,UTC

I would also like to know the value of this snub nose?

Kevin 12 Jul 2015 03:44 AM,UTC

This is too weird! One of these revolvers just came into my possession yesterday. We stumbled onto a cache of arms packed away by my father in law many years ago. I too would like to know the value.

Mark 25 Jun 2015 03:05 AM,UTC

I have a gun like this but, it does not have any numbers on it at all. Nothing has been ground off of it. How much is a gun like this worth?


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