Mycenaean Stirrup Vase; c.1300BC; Mycenae; 69.001


R D Milns Antiquities Museum


Mycenaean Stirrup Vase

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A small piriform stirrup vase with a narrow foot, which is slightly flared at its base. From the centre of the flat shoulder rises a solid cylindrical false spout that has a flat disc on its top. Flat strap handles pass from either side of this disc to the edge of the shoulder, forming the "stirrup" shape that gives the vase its modern name. The actual spout is a narrow cylinder placed on one side of the shoulder, midway between the handles. It has a slightly thickened rim. The clay is buff-coloured and the geometric decoration is painted in orange-red slip.There are some chips on the handle, the spout and the bae of the vase.
The top of the false spout is decorated with an orange-red disc placed within a circle. There is a band of orange-red clay at its base.
The outer surface of the handles is painted except for a reserved triangle where each of the handles meets the central clay disc on the false spout.
The rim, base and part of the side of the spout are painted orange-red.
The shoulder is reserved and decorated with groups of three/four chevrons.
Starting at the shoulder, the body of the base is paiinted with five thick horizontal bands separated by reserved bands that are alternately painted with three thinner horizontal lines or left plain. The bottom band is a reserved band with three inner lines. The rest of the boyd and the foot are painted orange-red.

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14th century BC

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Height 93mm, Diameter 82mm.

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