A collection of wooden patterns; Unknown; 1940-1970; 2010.1.67.1-8


Te Toi Uku


A collection of wooden patterns

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A collection of wooden patterns for use in a foundry to cast machine parts. Assorted collection of cylindrical disc or collar shaped patterns with a wide flat base and collared neck. Part 8 with white painted band. Part 1 painted grey.



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Place Notes

There is evidence that Crown Lynn used F. & W. Fowler Ltd founders, but it is not known if the company made the wooden patterns. Could have been made in house at Crown Lynn.

Medium and Materials


Inscription and Marks

CL 425; Handwritten; part 1
TOP 377; Handwritten; part 2
FORMER ROUND MEAL DISH; Handwritten; part 3
187; Handwritten; part 4
234; Handwritten; part 5
334; Handwritten; part 6
295; Handwritten; part 7
379; Handwritten; part 8


0 - Whole: H 82 d 445mm: largest
0 - Whole: H 48 d 202mm: smallest

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Pattern, Casting

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All rights reserved

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Te Toi Uku   Te Toi Uku


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