Stafford Street, Timaru, N.Z. (Tourist Series 3017); 1920-1928; 1999/96.5


South Canterbury Museum


Stafford Street, Timaru, N.Z. (Tourist Series 3017)

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Photograph entitled "Stafford Street, Timaru, N.Z. 'Tourist Series 3017'," taken between 1920 and 1928, looking north up Stafford St from the George St intersection.

The Bank of New Zealand is visible on the corner at the left-hand side of the image and numerous other businesses along the street are also identifiable. There are several cars on the road and also a horse-drawn vehicle. Pedestrians are visible on the west side of the street and several men are standing on the George St corner. The tower and spire of St Marys and Chalmers Churches are visible on the sky line.

Place Made

Timaru, New Zealand

Date Made


Medium and Materials

Paper, photographic


silver gelatin print


65(h) x 85(w) mm

Subject and Association Keywords

George Street, Timaru

Subject and Association Keywords

Stafford Street, Timaru

Subject and Association Keywords

Bank of New Zealand (BNZ), Timaru

Subject and Association Keywords

St Mary's Church, Timaru

Subject and Association Keywords

Chalmers Church, Timaru

Object Type

Print, photographic

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Attribution - Non-commercial - No Derivatives (cc) Attribution - Non-commercial - No Derivatives (cc)

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