Bones from Laughing Owl Nests; 2005/145


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Bones from Laughing Owl Nests

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These small bones were recovered from laughing owl nesting sites near Timaru. Laughing owl nests have revealed the presence of a wide range of bird, lizard, and insect species that the owls ate, regurgitating the harder parts in pellets. Many of the species found in these sites are now extinct or no longer found in this region, including the Pacific rat that destroyed so many of the smaller bird species when introduced by the first human settlers.

The bones are from the following species:
1. Greater short-tailed bat, Mystacina robusta (extinct), 2005/145.054
2. Flightless wren, Traversia lyalli (extinct), 2005/145.037
3. N.Z. quail, Coturnix novaezelandiae (extinct), 2005/145.053
4. Piopio/N.Z. thrush, Turnagra capensis (extinct), 2005/145.035
5. Flightless duck, Euryanas finschi (extinct), 2005/145.056
6. Tui, Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae (now absent), 2005/145.039
7. Diving petrel, Pelecanoides species (now absent), 2005/145.023
8. Kakariki/parakeet, Cyanoramphus species (now absent), 2005/145.011
9. Gecko, Hoplodactylus species (still present), 2005/145.005
10. Pacific rat, Rattus exulans (introduced, now absent), 2005/145.055

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