Photograph album: Commemorative photograph album Q.S.M.V. DOMINION MONARCH, Mess...


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Photograph album: Commemorative photograph album Q.S.M.V. DOMINION MONARCH, Messrs. Shaw Savill & Albion Co. Ltd.

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Photograph album containing one photograph of the Quadruple Screw Motor Vessel DOMININION MONARCH at launch and interior photographs of cabins and public rooms all with captions, circa 1939 (launch date). The album is bound in black leather with gilt trim and an embossed title. Commissioned by Shaw Savill & Albion for promotional purposes.


Stewart Bale Ltd


Shaw Savill & Albion Company

Medium and Materials

Leather/Natural Fibre/Textile, 0 - Whole, Black

Inscription and Marks

Unsigned and the name of the photographer is unknown., Annotation


HxWxD (3D mm YxXxZ): H 320 x W 420 x D 50mm (H 12 5/8 x W 16 9/16 x D 1 15/16in)

Subject and Association Keywords

DOMINION MONARCH (1939)/Shaw Savill & Albion Company/Shipping Lines/[Shipping]

Subject and Association Keywords

World War Two/Wartime Shipping/[Conflict & Protest]

Subject and Association Keywords

Troop ship/[Shipping]

Subject and Association Keywords

Ocean liner/VESSELS

Subject and Association Keywords


Subject and Association Keywords

Cargo ship/VESSELS

Credit Line

Gift of Murray Sallen

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All rights reserved

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